Synchronization of Heris 500-MW Combined Cycle Power Plant

Nov/06/2021 1296 View

In line with power generation in the northwest of the country and in order to respond to consumption growth in the region, Heris F-class combined cycle power plant is running with an efficiency of approximately 58% in ISO conditions on an area of 81 hectares (about 50 hectares for the power plant) in Saray village (km11 of Harris to Tabriz road), Khajeh district, Heris county, East Azerbaijan Province. The mentioned power plant is one of the private sector power plants and in this project, Heris Power Generation Company is the investor, the Thermal Power Plants Holding Company is the investee, and Moshanir Company is the investee's consultant. The main equipment of this project with 1 + 1 layout includes: An Ansaldo AEN94.3 gas unit (Class F) with a capacity of 310 MW, a heat recovery boiler (Horizontal Triple Pressure type with separate burners), an Ansaldo AEN MT15 Triple Pressure steam turbine with a capacity of 180 MW and the main ACC cooling system. The gas unit of the mentioned power plant was synchronized with the national grid of the country on August 8, 2019, and its commercial operation has started since early June 2020. Following the successful performance of the prerequisite synchronization tests of the steam unit, it was finally synchronized with the national grid on November 2, 2021.

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