The presence of Moshanir in the 16th exhibition of water industry and water and sewage facilities

May/12/2021 611 View

According to Moshanir Public Relations report, on Saturday, January 12, 2021, the 16th Exhibition of Water Industry and Water and Sewerage Facilities was inaugurated at the Tehran International Exhibition Center by the Minister of Energy, Dr. Ardakanian, and the Iraqi Minister of Trade. The company's pavilion in Hall 6, which was dedicated to this industry, continued its activities for 4 days from the 12rd to the 15th of January. Dr. Mahmoud Moghadam, CEO of the company, attended the pavilion and met with contractors to discuss the company's future and completed projects in the field of water and wastewater industry. During these days, the company's pavilion hosted officials and representatives of embassies, students and those interested in the water and sewage industry. This year, Moshanir Company completed the important project of the sixth Tehran water treatment plant project, which is one of the important national projects, inaugurated by the order of the President of the Republic, Dr. Rouhani.

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