The presence of Moshanir in the 20th exhibition of the electricity industry

May/12/2021 641 View

Meeting of the Minister of Energy, Dr. Ardakanian, the Minister of Commerce of Iraq, Mr. Al-Jubouri with the Managing Director of Moshanir, Dr. Moghaddam According to Moshanir Public Relations report, on Saturday, January 12, 2021, the 20th Electricity Industry Exhibition was inaugurated at the Tehran International Exhibition Center by the Minister of Energy, Dr. Ardakanian, and the Iraqi Minister of Trade. Then, the ministers and the delegation met with Dr. Mahmoud Moghaddam, CEO of Moshanir Company, by visiting the Moshanir pavilion located in the Persian Gulf Hall. One of the important points of this meeting was the wonderful description of the Minister of Energy to the Iraqi Minister of Trade regarding the constructive role of Moshanir Company in important national projects. Then, Dr. Mahmoud Moghaddam welcomed the Iraqi Minister of Trade and discussed the positive cooperation of Moshanir Company in Iraq and active projects in that country. This exhibition was held for 4 days from the 12rd to the 15th of January. During this period, Moshanir pavilion hosted Mr. Shariati, Governor of Khuzestan, Mr. Dasht-e Bozorg, CEO of Khuzestan Regional Electricity Company, Deputy Ambassador of Tajikistan and other national authorities, companies active in the electricity industry, visitors, students and those interested in the electricity industry.

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