Adhering to in principle of sustainable development, ‎protection of environment and natural resources, continuous ‎improvement in service quality and reduction of costs of ‎project life cycle, Moshanir attaches great importance to ‎research and development and promotion of the technology, ‎and plans to achieve the mentioned goals. Major outlines of ‎the programs in the area of research and development are:‎
-‎ Review of modern technologies of the work and making ‎contracts with prominent companies
-‎ Establishment of regular and close relations with power ‎research committees of the affiliated companies
-‎ Evaluation of research project proposals and scientific ‎papers
-‎ Regular contact with research centers of universities, ‎and exchange of information
-‎ Organizing the annual seminars on insulators and ‎cooperation in organizing other local seminars
-‎ Performance of secretariat affairs of CIGRE office in ‎Iran
-‎ Attending meetings of central committee of Tehran Power ‎Research as a member‎
-‎ Attending meetings of standard committee of Tehran ‎Regional Power Company as a member
To ensure continuous improvement in quality of engineering ‎services as well as project life cycles cost reduction is ‎not possible without using a proper information technology. ‎In this regard, Moshanir has been the origin of effective, ‎worthy and new technology-based services by benefiting from ‎specialized staff. Outlines of potential areas of Moshanir’s ‎information technology are:‎‎
- ‎Design, implementation and maintenance of the computer ‎network and related hardware
- ‎Establishment of intra-organizational‏ ‏and ‎interorganizational communications and network traffic ‎control and security
-‎ Design, management, and support of websites of ‎Moshanir, CIGRE, intranet, internal and external DNS, ‎and emails
-‎ To manage, administer and monitor various network ‎services such as web-based services ‎
-‎ Management and support of users
- Design, coding and implementation of important software ‎systems of the company such as comprehensive financial-‎administration system
-‎‎ Design and production of software systems for other ‎companies‎
-‎ Knowledge management in the area of capturing explicit and implicit knowledge ‎
-‎ Implementation of automated work flow system‎
-‎ Technical document management system to store, search ‎and retrieve electronic versions of documents
Results of thoughts, research, and practices of each ‎knowledge-based company are provided in form of documentation ‎by spending a lot of time and money. These documents contain ‎valuable information and experiences which play an important ‎role in elevating organizational goals and decision making of ‎senior managers. Moshanir as one of the largest companies ‎active in areas of energy, transmission and distribution, ‎water, transportation, civil, architecture and environment ‎engineering is undoubtedly an important source of documents ‎and information of infrastructure projects, and these sources ‎are considered not only the greatest asset to the company ‎along with its skilled manpower, but also a national and ‎international capital.
Currently, Moshanir’s document center has about 11 million ‎pages of technical documents including drawings, reports, ‎contracts, etc appertaining to national, regional, and ‎international projects.‎ Hence classification of these documents according to project-‎oriented structure of the company and nature of documents is ‎necessary in order to be retrieved and reused. Therefore ‎electronic document management system (EDMS) as part of ‎explicit knowledge of the internal power with at least 20 ‎fields for identification of each document has been designed ‎and implemented and is underway in two sections of current and ‎archived documents, thus it provides a variety of searches and ‎required sorting based on records of documents and their ‎different versions.‎
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