About Us

Establishment of a company called Water and Power Engineering ‎Services (Mahab) was first proposed to the parliament by the ‎Ministry of Water and Electricity. Articles of association ‎of this company were passed by the parliament in late 1964 ‎and the company commenced its activity legally on 19 March, ‎‎1969. The company's activities included providing technical ‎consulting services and preparation of designs of dam ‎construction, irrigation and drainage networks, water well ‎drilling and aqueduct construction, power production, ‎transmission and distribution, supervision on construction ‎of the said projects and implementation of laboratory ‎services. In late June 1980, in order to provide specialized ‎activities, water and power sectors of Mahab Company was ‎separated from each other and its power sector was renamed ‎ Moshanir Power Engineering Consultants. The aim of the ‎company was initially to provide technical and engineering ‎services in the areas of electric industry. But gradually ‎with the increase of national needs, Moshanir's activities ‎expanded to all areas of water and energy, and at the ‎present time it offers services in all infrastructure and ‎development fields. In addition , Moshanir's services have ‎gone beyond national borders and have strong presence in ‎regional and international arenas.‎ Now Moshanir is a leading brand in the area of its ‎ activities and is synonymous with quality, speed and ‎ diversity in the provision of services. ‎

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